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Property Consultation
Our major is to provide the professional consultation about the property information , the market update , investment opportunities, sub-sales & rental.
Company Activities :
  • Property Seminar 
  • Property Tour 
  • Property Valuation 
  • Market Research

Over the years , Malaysia has proven to be one of the best country in Southeast Asia for it's high quality education destination for students from all over the globe.

There are several reasons for such achievement : 

  • Quality Education

  • Affordable Tuition Fees

  • Reasonable Cost of Living

  • Safe & Stable Environment


We are working closely with International Schools , Pre-School ,​ Tuition Center , Languages Center, Sport Academy to ensure the client's needs are being met at all times. 

Living Abroad 

As Malaysia known as the most affordable city in the Southeast Asia, many has chosen Malaysia to home their families &  the favorite retirement destination for the people around the world.

In order to fulfill the client's needs , our consultation including : 

  • MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home Program) 

  • Work Permit 

  • Golf-Course Membership 

  • Property Management 

  • Healthcare Facilities


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